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The English Language List: PERSONAL TWELVE MONTHS subscription

The English Language List: PERSONAL TWELVE MONTHS subscription


Use this option if you want to pay twelve one month subscriptions at once, covering you for a year.

Email based discussion lists are as old as the internet, and they are as good as the people who hang out on them. This one is particularly, especially good. It was formed in 2000 and brings together some of the foremost thinkers in the field of English Language studies across the secondary and university sectors. It is unique in the world for its long term success in fusing the academic and pedagogical expertise of professional linguists and teachers in schools and colleges. There is frequent and frenetic sharing of high quality resources created by expert practitioners.

Although The English Language List was set up with an English Language focus, we have regular discussion of issues related to Literature and Media Studies. Also two years ago its sister site The English Language Board was set up as a way of accessing the same bank of expertise through web based forums.

Within 24 hours of your cleared payment for £16.68, you will receive details of how to access The English Language List for twelve months.