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The EFL List

The EFL List


The EFL List is an email based discussion list for teachers of English as a second language. Members can post messages to the list address to start a discussion, or hit 'reply' to contribute to a discussion that's already started. The EFL List can help teachers to:

* Share resources, as file attachments to messages.

* Discuss the theories of EFL, ESL, TESOL teaching.

* Discuss classroom practice.

* Promote global job opportunities in EFL, ESL, TESOL.

* Promote awareness of web based resources for EFL, ESL, TESOL teaching.

* Promote EFL, ESL, TESOL conferences.

List messages are electronically anonymised, so the other members will not receive your email address, only the posting address of The EFL List.

Membership of The EFL List costs 16.68 UKP per year. Within 24 hours of your payment for 16.68 UKP, you will receive details of how to access The EFL List for one year.